Groove3 Working with Spectrasonics Sonic Extensions TUTORIAL

Groove3 Working with Spectrasonics Sonic Extensions TUTORIAL

Virtual instrument expert Eli Krantzberg presents comprehensive video tutorials for Sonic Extensions by Spectrasonics! If you’re a fan of Omnisphere and want to add a wealth of creative options to this already expansive virtual instrument, then Sonic Extensions are for you. In this course, Eli covers the first four titles released – Undercurrent, Nylon Sky, Unclean Machine, and Seismic Shock – from the basics through more advanced tips and tricks. These videos are for new Omnisphere Sonic Extension users.

Eli welcomes you and begins by explaining what the Sonic Extensions are, what they do, and how they integrate with Omnisphere. You’ll then learn how to browse both presets and scenes within the Extensions using the handy keyboard shortcuts, along with how to mix and match the Extension sound sources and wavetables. Scenes are then covered, which are analogous to specific snapshots of a patch’s unique set of custom controls. Eli shows how to manage (save/recall/navigate) these scenes and even automate them with your DAW.

Next, you’ll begin to explore the four different Sonic Extension titles, beginning with Nylon Sky, an incredibly realistic nylon guitar virtual instrument. Check out the various upstroke/downstroke note modifiers in the Arpeggiator along with a host of other impressive parameters.

Throughout the rest of the course, you’ll explore the other three Sonic Extensions and follow along as Eli constructs various beats to show off some of the things they can do. Eli also covers the two custom-designed effects included for each Extension title with lots of demonstrative musical examples.

To see exactly what these in-depth Sonic Extensions tutorials show you, and how they can make it easy to generate inspiring, ear-catching sounds, check out the individual video tutorial descriptions on this page. Discover a whole new side of Omnisphere… Watch “Spectrasonics Sonic Extensions” today!

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