“HEAVEN” Female Vocal Sample Pack (50) by Rioretti WAV

By | October 21, 2021

“HEAVEN” Female Vocal Sample Pack (50) by Rioretti WAV

“HEAVEN” Female Vocal Sample Pack (50) by Rioretti WAV

One of the earliest pioneers with his unique and refreshing sound, producer and artist Rioretti is back again with another sample pack. After his wildly successful “BLEECH” sample pack which featured hand-crafted sounds from Rio’s best tracks, we proudly present “HEAVEN”. 50 beautifully sung female vocal phrases and harmonies all recorded and mixed to perfection. Inject a hit of soul and cadence into your track with these female vocal samples. From quick tones to long-drawn-out angelic moans, this pack is the first of its kind us. These female vocal samples are perfect for a melancholic to hard-hitting tracks while sliding perfectly into any and all musical genres.

What’s The Pack Like?

  • 50 High-Quality Female Vocal Samples;
  • Perfectly Sung in Key for Quick Usability;
  • 100% Royalty-Free;
  • Cleanly Mixed and Recorded Professionally;
  • Drag & Drop Right Into Your Project.

Rioretti has been making music longer than has been around and his ear for music is one of the most unique on the site. His fusion between Trap, Hip-Hop, and Electronic has given his sound and many other artists a platform to stand upon. With the “HEAVEN” female vocal pack, you can finally get a glimpse into his musical ideas, compositional talent, and sound selection. The “HEAVEN” pack is one not to be missed.


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