Hip Hop Sampling 101 in FL Studio TUTORIAL

This is a masterclass in Hip Hop style sampling and sound flipping within FL Studio, taught by FL Studio Power User Curtiss King.

This step-by-step course was designed to take the guess work out of sampling music within in FL Studio. Not only will you learn how to chop samples like a pro, but you will learn how to control them to your ear’s desire.

With This Course You Will:

  • Learn where to find high quality samples
  • Learn how to pick the perfect samples
  • Learn how to find the key and bpm of any sample
  • Learn 3 different sample chopping techniques
  • Learn how to add character and style to your samples
  • Learn how to add a bassline to your samples
  • Learn how to arrange your sample based beat
  • Learn how to mix your sample based beat
  • Watch a sample based beat get created from start to finish