Horn Basics & Daily Warm-ups TUTORIAL

By | September 29, 2022

Horn Basics & Daily Warm-ups TUTORIAL

Horn Basics & Daily Warm-ups TUTORIAL

Dear horn players, I will present my personal daily warm-up program in these 14 short videos. It includes a huge amount of exercises I have put together for my personal needs. It contains many exercises from my own teachers and professors as well as exercises from masterclasses and such I’ve been inspired by my colleagues.

These exercises are helping me every day to deal with the different challenges of playing the horn and to remain fit and improve myself by regular use! I have developed a warm-up and practice system which I am able to adapt and change depending on my daily mood and how much time I have for practicing. The system is divided into seven sections covering the main and most important parameters of playing the horn.

To me, it is very important to deal with all of the seven parameters every day because that enables me to be completely and fully warmed up, even if I have just little time to practice, to proceed with a rehearsal, a concert or just another practicing unit.That is why every section has many exercises which I can vary and select depending on the situation. Usually I try not to start with extreme registers and dynamics.

First of all, the muscles have to be warmed up relaxed comparable with our sport activities. Only then can we expand our exercises downwards and especially upwards as well as advance to extreme dynamics. Another basic principal of my system is to always combine two different parameters in one exercise such as slow – fast, tongued – slurred, forte – piano in immediate succession so that our lips and the airflow can prepare for the different challenges.

What you’ll learn:

  • Receive a comprehensive warm-up and daily basics program from Christoph Eß (Principal Horn of Bamberg Symphony Orchestra / Germany)
  • Learn his 7-Step Warm Up Program
  • Learn Double Tonguing and Lip Trills
  • Recommended Etudes and Pieces for Daily Use

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