HoRNet Multicomp Plus v1.2.0
Size Win 3 Mb // Mac 2.5 Mb

HoRNet Multicomp Plus is a very high quality and versatile plugin compressor. It’s built on the foundation of the original Multicomp and features three compressor models (VCA, OPTO and FET) and an expander (based on the VCA model).

Multicomp Plus is perfect for every mixing need providing three compression colors, from the dry VCA to the very fat FET model, if you need analog warmth Multicomp Plus provides a different emulation for every model.

You don’t have to worry about gain staging thanks to the internal makeup gain algorithm and the auto input and output gain adjustment.

If you don’t like the hiss that comes with analog you can turn it off, and with the “Analog” knob you can dial the right amount of saturation.

Each model can be fed with an external side-chain, and the side-chain has two filters, a high pass and a low pass, both filters are full range, working from 20 to 20000Hz.

HoRNet Multicomp Plus features the standard attack, release, ratio and threshold controls, but brings compression to a new level providing a waveform display with both input and output signal so that is easy to monitor the processing that is taking place. Like every other HoRNet dynamics processor Multicomp Plus has a “RealGR” gain reduction meter. The meter moves at the speed of audio so you can “see” how fast the gain reduction is being applied, but the meter also has a peak hold function so that the maximum reduction applied in the last 2 seconds is always in front of you. High quality processing is guaranteed by 2 or 4 times oversampling that drastically reduces the amount of aliasing distortion generated by the compression algorithm.

A handy dry / wet knob allows you to create parallel compression with ease, the level of the wet signal is kept at the right spot by the adaptive make up gain algorithm.

– Three compression models (VCA, FET, OPTO) and one expander.
– Auto make up gain algorithm.
– Adjustable analog emulation level.
– Separate hiss control.
– Input and output waveform visualization, for visual compression control.
– “RealGR” meter showing real speed gain reduction with peak hold.
– External side-chain.
– High pass and Low pass filters for the side-chain.
– Up to 4x oversampling.
– Input and output gain control with automatic gain adjustment.
– Dry / Wet knob for parallel compression.
– Mac OS X (>=10.5 Intel only) and Windows support
– 64-bit compatibility both on Mac and Windows