How To Make Professional Tech House Track in Ableton Live TUTORIAL

How To Make Professional Tech House Track in Ableton Live TUTORIAL

In this two and half-hour course, you will learn how to make professional-sounding Tech House track from start to finish. I will take you through the whole journey from synthesising your very own kick drum that you can tune in any key and retain the best quality possible. You will learn how to create a bass patch from scratch, drum groove, synths, FX, and more.

You will learn an easy way how to arrange you 8 bar loop into a whole song. You will learn how to mix your track as well as how to add width to your track without compromising mono compatibility with a free plugin. At the end of this course, you will also learn how to master the track so your productions stand up against professionally mastered and released music.

Also, you will be able to download a full Ableton Live project complete with all the sounds and samples used.

PS. You will need 3rd party VST’s such as Serum, Sylenth1 and more to be able to hear all the sounds but if you follow along you will be able to recreate sounds in just about any plug-in you own.

Project Description:

  • Open Ableton Live, set tempo 126
  • Add midi channel and create kick from scratch
  • Create a bass line from scratch
  • Add clap, hi-hats, snares, rims, percussions, rides and crash
  • Add synths
  • Create effects from scratch
  • Arrange your 8 bar loop using reference track and adding automation
  • Add vocal
  • Once you are happy with the arrangement and instrument choice – mix your track so that each element has its own space in the mix
  • When you happy with how your track sounds, bounce it down to a single wave file or master

Download here