Irrupt Guardians of the Bassline WAV

Irrupt Guardians of the Bassline WAV

Imagine a world without basslines. Seriously. Take a deep breath and just think about what life would be like with no bottom end. Think about how horrible everything would be if there was no low-end frequency in music. We’re imagining the worst case scenario. The word ‘thump’ being removed from the Oxford English Dictionary, nightclubs not existing, Funktion-1 speakers being irrelevant, dogs and cats living together….

Mass hysteria. As you can probably imagine, we’ve thought long and hard about how to ensure this situation never becomes a reality. This is why we’ve decided to dedicate an entire product to ensuring the world will be safe from treble. We’ve created a powerful resource for bass admirers, low-tone enthusiasts and baritone survivalists. You can call us heroes (because we are). We’re guardians of the bassline. Inside this specially crafted product is a focus on the low end. Deep rumbling tones, frequencies that will freak you out, gritty, grinding grooves and short, strong bass stabs that will assist you in crafting the perfect accent to your latest jam. Found inside ‘Guardians of the Bassline’ are 100 audio files of bassline goodness, designed to live within all genres of electronic music. Join us in the fight against the shrill range, and help us to ensure those speakers keep pushing deep tones to the masses.

100 Sounds

IRRUPT is a premium sound design and production company based in Denver and Berlin. We create and curate high-quality sound elements for music professionals, studio freaks, boundary-pushing DJs, or any kind of producer that needs expressive, high-quality sound content.

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