Irrupt Nightlife Fetishist WAV

Irrupt Nightlife Fetishist WAV

She steps out her doors and walks into the city late at night, shiny leather boots laced tightly up to her knees. Her mood is enhanced with the assorted chemicals she just finished absorbing into her bloodstream, and she’s feeling an absolute primal desire for the relentless dance music to wrap its sonic waveforms tightly around her body.

The nightlife is her lover, and the music you make is the only thing that will satisfy her. Jet-black, unholy dance music excites her and leaves her breathless once the sun rises and the party ends. Products like this are geared towards our friend described above, a true ‘Nightlife Fetishist.’ It’s designed for the people who continue to dance, despite how low their serotonin levels have become. The obsessed ones. Found inside this outstanding product live the elements needed to impress music lovers who’s love of music goes far beyond healthy admiration.

Dark, dark dark elements that make the butterflies in your stomach come to life, crisp, clean synths that cover the music in a thick layer of black plastic. Unsettling vox, heavy percussion loops and unlit textures and FX. ‘Nightlife Fetishist’ is a product of inspiration for making music towards the side of dance culture that frightens the tourists, and excites the devoted. Step inside.

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