Ja Beats Dembow Dominicano Vol.3 WAV KONTAKT

Ja Beats Dembow Dominicano Vol.3 WAV KONTAKT

In this pack we have designed a new series of totally new Loops and samples so that you have greater availability of styles and sounds; We include the styles that are trending nationally and internationally such as: Leo RD (musical producer of Rochy RD), Chael (Producer of El Alfa), Breyco (Producer of Bulin 47) and B One (Producer of Chimbala).


  • Many more Loops and more Samples in this edition
  • Loops adaptable to any Tempo (BPM)
  • Compatible with any DAW, say FL Studio, Reason, Studio One, Cubase, Ableton Live
  • Samples bonus package totally free
  • Guitar from our bachata library totally free
  • More than 500 MB uncompressed


  • 50 New Loops
  • More than 800 Samples
  • Bonus and Kontakt Bachatera Guitar Instrument

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