Jamvana Presents Foley Sounds & Noises Vol.1 WAV

Jamvana Presents Foley Sounds & Noises Vol.1 WAV

Jamvana brings you a ton of foley sounds and noises for your next production. Ranging from camera sounds to bottles clinking to video game controller button presses we have everything you need to top off your next song or video!

70 Sounds

Jamvana was formed by producers, DJs, and label owners like yourself. The name ‘Jamvana’ comes from a mashup of founder Robert E. Leigh’s two favorite bands: Pearl Jam & Nirvana. The company first started as an online record store for indies from 2007-2010, then became a mobile app for convenient streaming on the go shortly after. In 2013, Jamvana changed its focus to service indie content creators, specializing in the ‘back-end’ of music distribution. Currently, Jamvana is the complete package containing 60+ direct agreements, a mobile app, and free tools to help our clients stay organized and on top. We pride ourselves on having the best quality controlled catalog and the most outstanding customer service in the music industry.


Demo Preview: