Jon Sine Track from Scratch TUTORIAL

Jon Sine Track from Scratch TUTORIAL

For nearly three hours, watch as DJ and producer Jon Sine takes you through his production process from start to finish.

Jon Sine, a German DJ and producer with Israeli roots, is taking his multi-faceted melodic house beyond the realms of the dance floor. He combines club music with elements from various musical genres to create a distinctive style of his own, which ranges from emotional and sensual to thrilling and euphoric.

Initially, Jon was drawn to DJing by his intense passion for discovering and sharing new music. After three years behind the decks, Jon wanted to not only play music, but to create it as well. He began to produce music which he would test in his sets. After a short time, he noticed the excitement his music created on the dance floor, which soon led to his first official releases.

DAW: Logic Pro
Total runtime: 2hrs 36mins

Jon Sine Track from Scratch

  • Chapter 1: Intro & Basic Arrangement
    Diving right in, Jon introduces you to the course before getting started on the drums and synths for the track.
  • Chapter 2: Programming Drums & Bass
    Moving right along, Jon shows you how he processes his audio in real time while in search of a perfect snare and bass tone.
  • Chapter 3: Effects & Pre-Mastering
    As the shape and sound of our track becomes clearer, Jon begins to go deeper on sound design and processing.
  • Chapter 4: Bass Sounds & One Shots
    Still in pursuit of the perfect bass tone, Jon cycles through some samples before adding extra layers to the arrangement.
  • Chapter 5: More Bass, Cymbals and Samples
    Taking the arrangement to the next level, Jon continues adding additional textures and samples to the mix before reigning in the bass.
  • Chapter 6: Lead Synths & Automation
    As we approach the end of our session, Jon looks to further refine the synth sounds in the breakdown.
  • Chapter 7: Sidechaining, Effectrix & Turnado
    In this penultimate chapter, Jon introduces you two of his favorite tools to use in the studio: Effectrix and Turnado.
  • Chapter 8: The Drop, Strings, & Outro
    As we finish up our studio session, Jon sets out to differentiate the drops before adding some strings and finishing the outro.

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