Krotos Whooshes SFX Library WAV

By | August 7, 2022

Krotos Whooshes SFX Library WAV

Krotos Whooshes SFX Library WAV

The ultimate movement sound effect – this Whoosh Sound Effects Library contains many styles, and is used for a variety of situations. Whether you are making trailer transitions, adding emphasis to punches, making your characters slide and glide or cast spells, whooshes add velocity, drama and momentum to any scene or form of motion.

Keywords: whoosh, scifi, wobbly, impact, science, fiction, portal, synth, phasy, flanged, heavy, low, thwip, hollow, atmospheric, generic, layered, electrical electric, short, snappy, aggressive, rifle, combat, bass, drop, icy, ice, organic, crisp, fire, pulsing, blast, spell, ethereal, gun, thwip, thump, thumpy, light, heavy, airy, whistle, reverberant, pulsating, thwip, chamber.

Pack info:

  • 96/192khz High-Quality Wav Files
  • 226 Sounds
  • 100% Royalty Free

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