Learn Jazz Piano Today UTORIAL

Learn Jazz Piano Today UTORIAL

In this course you’ll learn rhythms, chords, accompaniments, improvisation and other techniques commonly used by jazz pianists. This course is built off of the PianoWithWillie method which combines both foundational and fun’dational elements to create a well-rounded, self-expressive pianist.

Our Snapshot Series allows you to quickly absorb a style of music into your playing. Each course is designed to be comprehensive in its approach. You’ll learn:

  • Essential Rhythms that help you to learn the style
  • Easily Create Chords that sound professional
  • Accompaniment Patterns which allow you to quickly absorb the style
  • Technique Exercises to improve your touch, dexterity and speed at the piano
  • Both reading and ear training lessons to improve your music-reading skills and ear
  • How to break down improvisation so that it is easy to get started fast
  • Licks, patterns and runs that help you sound more professional from the start

Who this course is for:

  • Students of ANY level will benefit from this course. You just need the desire to learn the piano!

What you’ll learn

  • Learn a 12-bar blues bass line
  • Learn professional jazz chords
  • Learn how to play chords (comping) along with a bassline
  • Learn how to improvise over the blues
  • Create your own improvisation licks (create your own music)
  • Practice tips to learn faster

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