Learn Music Nft Basics From A Nft Musician [TUTORIAL]

Learn Music Nft Basics From A Nft Musician [TUTORIAL]

Learn the basics of Music NFTs from my experience as an NFT artist, community leader, and advisor in multiple NFT projects. You will get the knowledge to get started in the NFT community, how to grow your community and the dos and don’ts of marketing your music NFTS.

I will save you the time needed and lessons you could have learned the hard way by answering questions it took me months to figure out.This overview of music NFTs will give you a step-by-step guide on what to do and improve on. In the end, you will know where to get in-depth and what to improve on. Specific topics like building a good Twitter profile, branding your NFT project/art, creating your NFTS, choosing the best marketplace, and releasing them will be addressed here shortly.

Even if you have already tried getting into music NFTs, the course will give you another perspective on what to do and what the future reserves for music NFTs. The course is taught from the artist’s perspective and does not detail technical knowledge of NFTs and the Blockchain. I go through mostly the mindset and lessons that being part of the community taught me and the approach other artists, and I took to grow our NFT community and sell music NFTs.

What you’ll learn:

  • What Are Music NFTs are How Can Artists & Entrepreneurs Use Them
  • An Inside Look of The Music NFT community on Twitter
  • Best Practices on Marketing Your Music NFTs on Web 3.0
  • How To Handle Scams and Market Fluctuations
  • How To Grow Your NFT Community
  • Before You Release; Pricing, Blockchain, Marketplace

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