Learn to DJ w/ Roger Sanchez (Advanced) TUTORIAL

Learn to DJ w/ Roger Sanchez (Advanced) TUTORIAL

Jump on the ones and twos with house music icon Roger Sanchez for the advanced version of his ‘Learn to DJ’ course. The legendary DJ delivers a total masterclass in what it takes to get to the top of his profession, sharing the workflow strategies, technical mixing skills and industry insight that has kept him there for so long.

When it comes to DJing, there aren’t many who do it better than Roger Sanchez. Bringing to the table a career that includes number one records in the UK and US, a Grammy award for Best Remixed Recording, four DJ Award wins for Best House DJ, and remixes for artists including Michael Jackson, The Police, Jamiroquai and Maroon 5 – it’s fair to say that he’s the perfect instructor for this course!

In the first part of the hour-long course, you’ll start off by seeing Roger run through the pre-production strategies that help him to organise his music for fluid live sets, re-edits and remixes, and production. The main bulk of the course covers advanced mixing techniques, covering looping on the fly, dramatic risers, creative uses of acapellas, adding FX and so much more. Finally, Sanchez drops some knowledge about the music industry, giving you some tips on how to promote yourself and establish a long career.

With over three decades of experience in the world of dance music, Roger Sanchez is uniquely positioned to send your DJ career into the stratosphere. After all, this is an artist who has continuously displayed an appreciation for all areas of the industry, hosting an award-winning podcast and online radio show that attracts millions of listeners, as well as running his own label that nurtures up and coming talent.

Using Pioneer’s industry standard gear, you’ll see Roger break down the advanced technical mixing skills that he’s used to keep crowds jumping on dancefloors around the world for years. Every technique is explained clearly and succinctly, and then demonstrated on the decks in quintessential Roger Sanchez fashion. You’ll even get a final mix at the end in which he showcases the full range of skills one after another.

All in all, there are 25 chapters in this course, with unmissable insights that you simply won’t get anywhere else. Once you’ve signed up you can watch the videos at any pace you like, and return to the course content as many times as needed. So, if you’re serious about investing in your career and pushing yourself to the fullest, it’s time to take “Learn to DJ w/ Roger Sanchez (Advanced)” today!

Total runtime: 58mins

Includes the TRACKS for the song Roger uses in the course.

Preparing your Set

  • Chapter 1: What to expect
    Meet your course instructor, legendary DJ and producer Roger Sanchez, and hear an overview of what’s to come in the chapters ahead.
  • Chapter 2: Pre-Production
    Roger outlines how important it is to organise your music, setting yourself up for fluid sets, re-edits, remixing and production.
  • Chapter 3: Exporting Loops
    Using Rekordbox’s export function, Sanchez shows you how to create loops that you can use for productions or hot cues to play out live.
  • Chapter 4: Editing Tracks
    Roger Sanchez gives you the lowdown on Rekordbox’s edit mode, which can be used to re-arrange tracks in whatever way you like.
  • Chapter 5: Playlist Organisation
    Roger gives you an insight into the organisation strategies he uses to prepare his own playlists, making life easier when he’s playing live.
  • Chapter 6: Using the Cloud
    Rekordbox Cloud allows you to back up your entire library onto the cloud and then access it at a gig, and Roger Sanchez shows you how.

Advanced Techniques

  • Chapter 7: 1-Bar Loop to the Drop
    With pre-production covered, Sanchez shows a useful technique that you can use to transition into a breakdown or a drop.
  • Chapter 8: 4-Deck Layering Loops
    Roger Sanchez demonstrates a technique for creating a remix on the fly, that involves elements from different tracks across four decks.
  • Chapter 9: Creating a Drum Roll
    Learn how to create a drum roll by looping a clap or snare from an existing track and shortening it to create more repetitions.
  • Chapter 10: Creative Acapella Looping
    Roger demonstrates how to loop an acapella to create a sustained note, which he then scratches and transforms for a creative effect.
  • Chapter 11: Making Acapella Risers
    Using the same looping technique from the previous chapter to create a sustained note, Sanchez pitches up the loop to create a riser.
  • Chapter 12: Pre-Delay
    Roger Sanchez reveals a method of creating anticipation by setting a copy of your track one beat ahead and cutting back and forth.
  • Chapter 13: Kick and Clap Looping
    Roger shows how to transition from one track to another, or end your set, by looping the clap or kick and de-tuning it.
  • Chapter 14: Adding Impact and Drive
    Discover how looping a section of another track and placing it underneath can bring energy to a track that’s not quite hitting.
  • Chapter 15: Looping on the Fly
    Roger Sanchez demonstrates how he creates loops on the fly from moments that he picks up on when he’s in the middle of a mix.
    Chapter 16: Creating a Dramatic Breakdown
    Chapter 16: Creating a Dramatic Breakdown
    Learn how to make a breakdown on the fly by looping a section and then exponentially shortening the length of the loop.
  • Chapter 17: Using Silence
    A well-placed bar of silence can heighten the impact of a section, so Roger shows you how to use it to transition into a drop.
  • Chapter 18: Adding FX
    Find out how to use delays and other effects to create transitions and pauses, and how they can be handy when things go wrong.
  • Chapter 19: Final Mix
    Gathering all the techniques that he’s demonstrated in the course so far, Roger puts on a clinic with a full mix.
  • Chapter 20: Skills Round-up
    Roger closes out the mixing tips section of the course and touches on how important it is to maintain a connection with your audience.
    Building your DJ Career

Building your DJ Career

  • Chapter 21: Social Media
    Roger Sanchez outlines how useful social media platforms like TikTok can be to promote yourself and grow your audience.
  • Chapter 22: Growing your Profile
    Hear how creating engaging content like re-edits and remixes and sharing them on social media can establish your sound and attract interest.
  • Chapter 23: Financial Planning
    Roger emphasises the importance of a sound financial plan to ensure you stay on top of your expenditure and incoming revenue.
  • Chapter 24: Getting Gigs
    Sanchez breaks down some strategies for starting dialogue with venue owners with a view to getting hired or hosting your own event.
  • Chapter 25: Managers and Agents
    Once you’ve got some momentum it’s time to start looking for representation, and Roger shares some insights on what to look for.

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