Liquid Metals & Polyrhythms WAV

By | April 1, 2022

Rubicon Liquid Metals & Polyrhythms WAV

Liquid Metals & Polyrhythms WAV

This pack was crafted with modern dancefloor music in mind, yet it explores a wide palette of genres to accommodate the contemporary producer. It does not adhere to BPM boundaries, increasing its versatility. While embracing minimal dance aesthetics at its core, we wanted these sounds to have an organic feel, so we added complexity and textures with details, glitches, liquid textures, and more.

Pulling inspiration from dubstep, you’ll also hear techno, house, UK bass, dancehall, reggaeton, and garage, among other genres. To make this pack, we started by quickly sketching beats and sound ideas from hardware and soft samplers, then edited and resampled the sounds on multiple stages until we get the desired result.

Gear used: DSI Tempest, Elektron Digitone, Korg Minilogue, Sherman Filterbank II. Main software used: Ableton Live 11 as DAW, iZotope RX 7 as an audio editor, FabFilter plugins, Unfiltered Audio plugins, iZotope Trash, MaxMSP / MaxForLive.


  • 77 one shots
  • 140 loops

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