Loops De La Creme Songbird Virtuoso [KONTAKT]

Loops De La Creme Songbird Virtuoso [KONTAKT]

The first fully playable virtual songbirds for Kontakt.

Three highly realistic songbirds and a wonderful range of complementary instruments.

• Perform realistic bird phrases and calls in real-time.

• Create gorgeous-sounding natural soundscapes with birds, rivers, bugs and wind sounds.

• Explore unique drum and percussion sounds based on bird samples

• Get creative with finely processed sound design patches and multi-instruments.

• Create catchy melodies with a wide range of inspiring melodic voices based on bird recordings.

OUSTANDING! The birds are super easy to play and sound very realistic.


Three highly realistic songbirds and a wonderful range of complementary instruments

• 691 samples, 27 Kontakt patches

• 3 songbirds (Nightingale, Linnet, Redstart)

• Built-in automatic phrase and song functions

• Nature Soundscape instruments with 12 sound sources

• Chromatic instrument with 21 melodic voices based on bird samples

• Unique Drumkits with 4 octaves of bird percussive sounds

• 11 custom Impulse Responses

• Up to 9 round robins (regular keys). Automatic keys use up to 42 Round Robins!

– full Kontakt 5.8+ required!!!

REE UPDATE (10 new Kontakt presets)

The update features new soundscapes, an alternative melodic instrument with 16 voices using round robins, 2 new drum kits, and 4 new melodic Kontakt multis.


▬ Nightingale
▬ Redstart
▬ Linnet

Choose one of three distinctive songbirds: a linnet, a nightingale, and a redstart.

Perform realistic bird calls and bird songs in real-time! With an intuitive keyboard layout and a gorgeous sound, the results are very nice and natural 🙂

Extra keys let you play looped trills, repetitive natural patterns, or fully automatic phrases and calls.

Sync the bird calls to the tempo of your song, and improvise realistic bird calls in no time!

All three songbirds follow the same keyboard layout, and you can easily use the same MIDI notes with any of them.


This bonus instrument lets you quickly and easily create a soundscape of nature noises.

It offers 12 different soundscapes that you can freely combine and mix: 4 different types of bird ambiances, 2 types of bug sounds (cicadas and grasshoppers), 2 types of wind noises, 2 river ambiances, and 2 stream sounds.

It is based on extra long looped samples recorded in the Val D’allier, a national nature park close to Moulins, France.


Play melodies, chromatic effects, and chords based on bird samples with this inspiring instrument!

A built-in menu lets you quickly access 21 melodic voices.

The bird samples were finely tuned to the closest pitch, and their playing range was extended over 6 octaves.


This instrument lets you play unique beats and percussive sounds based on bird samples.

The keyboard is organized into 4 ‘drumkits’ from C0 to C4

Each kit occupies one octave, with a mapping that is inspired by traditional GM drum mapping

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