Maik Schotts Synthesizer Legends [KORG Wavestate + WAV MIDI]

By | January 3, 2023

Maik Schotts Synthesizer Legends [KORG Wavestate]

Maik Schotts Synthesizer Legends [KORG Wavestate + WAV MIDI]

Around 80 Performance Patches of 9 famous Productions from Synthesizer Legends like Vangelis, Depeche Mode, Propaganda, Tangerine Dream, Jan Hammer and Visage.

  • 01 Blade Runner End Title – Vangelis
  • 02 Conquest of Paradise – Vangelis
  • 03 Pulstar – Vangelis
  • 04 Strange Love – Depeche Mode
  • 05 Dr. Mabuse – Propaganda
  • 06 Crockets Theme – Jan Hammer
  • 07 Equinoxe Part IV – Jean Michel Jarre
  • 08 Fade to Grey – Visage
  • 09 Love on a Real Train – Tangerine Dream

Some patches contain samples from my ARP 2600 and other synths.

Here some important notes and facts for you:

  • ┬áThere are MIDI Files for each track in the Midi File folders of the package to help you playing the songs
  • ┬áThere is also a list with links to 9 instruction videos how to play the different keyboard parts
  • And there is an instruction pdf file how to load my SoundSet into your WaveState and also into the WaveState Native VST PlugIn
  • The SoundSet is compatible with the VST plugin of the Korg WaveState
  • All patches that contain wave sequences, I made in the original key of the orinigal composition

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