MarioSo Musik Quarantined Record Crates WAV

MarioSo Musik Quarantined Record Crates WAV

A vast collection of HipHop Soulful Loops & Samples. You’ll have plenty of melodies to pick from & enough things to chop up for your creative process. You’ll find a Thousand ways to make new beats everyday with this collection of Pianos, Keyboards, Guitars, Drums & Percussion. Have fun and keep the creative process going.

55 Sounds

Mario De Jesus AKA Marioso is recognized throughout the music industry as one of the premier mixers/producers in the Latin Urban Genre. He has been called “The Revolutionary sound of Latin Urban Music,” “The ear responsible for your favorite hits,” “The man that will transform your album into a Grammy Award Winning Album.” Having worked with a myriad of latin music royalty such as the latin divas Celia Cruz, and Ivy Queen, as well as Iconic Latin Urban Artists such as Tegi Calderon, DJ Nelson Ñejo, Dalmata, Bryant Myers, and Don Omar, Mario has garnered 7 Grammy Awards, and over 15 Nominations. His signature sound has been a key element of platinum selling albums by artists such as Wisyn Y Yandel, Son By 4, Tito El Bambino, DLG, Jencarlos Canela, and Ricky Martin. Born and raised in the Bronx (NY), he was influenced by Hip Hop and R&B, as well as the Salsa Rhythms that echoed through the streets of the Bronx’s Castle Hill neighborhood. Marioso’s passion for music has taken him from working as a teenage DJ in local clubs, to producer engineer extraordinaire. There is no doubt that you’ve jammed to one of his game-changing sounds at some point in your life.

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