Master The Art Of Strumming The Guitar TUTORIAL

By | May 4, 2022

Master The Art Of Strumming The Guitar TUTORIAL

Master The Art Of Strumming The Guitar TUTORIAL

An in depth look at the art of strumming and playing the guitar, a must for all beginners.

Welcome to my course simply entitled how to master the art of strumming the guitar.
Learning to strum the guitar can be extremely challenging for the beginner.
Using my proven techniques that I have developed over the years as a professional guitar teacher, I am going to take you from a beginner to a confident player of the guitar.
Using these methods, I have helped countless students achieve their goal of playing the guitar.
The course has over 30 lessons that are easy to follow and they progress in logical steps that are simple to understand.

In the early stages of the course, special attention is made to the basic technique required to strum the guitar. Unfortunately, many aspiring guitarists are so eager to play the instrument that they develop bad techniques that can spoil both the sound and their enjoyment of playing the guitar. So please do pay particular attention to the opening chapters on the course.

I have designed the course in such a way that strumming is the focus and not chords. In fact the whole course can be worked through with only using 2 easy to play chords.
We will look at initial techniques, correct position of the guitar, holding the pick, counting, and working with a metronome.
Each lesson contains on screen tablature and no music theory is required.

The lessons will feel more like a workshop as you play through each lesson and do be prepared to play the guitar with me in some of the lessons.
Please work through the first 4 lessons and pay special attention the methods I describe to correctly hold the guitar, and pick and the method of moving the arm and wrist through the strumming motion.
Always try and work with a metronome to ensure the correct tempo and timing.
If you would like me to critic your playing and give any advise then do not hesitate to send me a link or upload a short video of you playing.
I have attached a PDF that gives you all the patterns used in the course plus a whole bunch more for you to have a go at.

Have fun and the main thing is to enjoy yourself!
Geoff Sinker

What you’ll learn

  • Learn the correct way to hold the guitar
  • Learn How to hold the pick correctly
  • Learn how to count in a musical context
  • Learn how to work with a metronome
  • Learn how to correctly strum the guitar
  • Combine strumming patterns using 1/4, 1/8 and 1/16 beats

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