Max Chapman Remix Masterclass [TUTORIAL+ WAV STEMS]

Max Chapman Remix Masterclass [TUTORIAL+ WAV STEMS]

Known for his flawless productions and an infectious personality, it didn’t take long for Max Chapman to establish himself as an industry favorite. Max first burst onto the underground scene in 2011 after his debut record saw support from Pete Tong on BBC Radio 1. The decade that followed would see Max achieve a great deal of success as both a producer and a touring DJ.

In 2016, Max’s track “Body Jack” was released on elrow music. It claimed the #1 spot across all genres on Beatport in a matter of days. His notched his second Beatport #1 with 2017’s “La Fiesta,” which was released on Jamie Jones’ Hot Creations imprint. This release would serve as a seal of approval that set Max up for a string of successful releases on FFRR, Virgin EMI, Relief, Solá, Toolroom, NONSTOP and more. His debut album Catch Me If You Can was released by MadTech to rave reviews, receiving a 9/10 from Mixmag and DJ Mag and peaking at #10 on Beatport.

As comfortable as he is in the studio, Max is no stranger to the stage. His career has brought him appearances across Europe, North America, South America and Canada at venues and events like Goldrush Festival, CRSSD Festival, Parklife, Hideout, Snowboxx and Fabric. In 2016, he ticked off a huge industry box with a set at Lost Beach club in Ecuador as part of the Boiler Room network, which was the first ever Boiler Room event in Ecuador and was streamed worldwide to thousands of people.

In addition to his illustrious DJ and production careers, Max also runs his own label, Resonance Records. Under his guidance, the imprint has evolved into a bit of an underground tastemaker, with releases from the likes of CamelPhat, Solardo, wAFF, Richy Ahmed, Detlef, Mark Jenkyns, and George Smeddles to name a few.

In his first ever masterclass with FaderPro, you get to watch as Max crafts a remix of a recent Resonance release (“Rewind” by Riaz Dhanani) from the ground up. With nearly four hours of exclusive content, you’ll get to see an artist at work, teaching you everything from proper vocal warping techniques to the benefits of using a vocoder on your drums (seriously, it’s really cool). Featuring a beautiful blend of basic music production and intricate sound design, this course is perfect for producers new and old.

Includes the audio STEMS for the remix Max creates in the course.

Max Chapman: Remix Masterclass

  • Chapter 1: Starting the Remix & Importing Parts
  • Max gets our course started by adding the necessary stems and vocal samples into the session before building a base groove.
  • Chapter 2: Adding Percussion
    With our foundational groove established, Max gets to work introducing more rhythmic percussive elements to fill out the main loop.
  • Chapter 3: The Vocal & Finding the Key
    Max drags over the vocal sample and starts warping it to match the newly established groove, then starts introducing some new elements.
  • Chapter 4: Recording the Bass Line
    Now that the vocal has been introduced into the mix, Max starts programming and designing the bass line for our remix.
  • Chapter 5: Chords & Vocoder Trigger Technique
    As the track continues to take shape, Max builds in some chords before showing you one of his favorite sound design tricks.
  • Chapter 6: Creating the Drop
    With the most essential sonic components programmed and processed, Max starts sketching out a rough framework for the track.
  • Chapter 7: Vocal Editing & Adding the Clap
    Max continues working on the arrangement, specifically looking at the vocal processing and percussion in the previously sketched breakdown.
  • Chapter 8: More Bass Work
    As the track continues to gain momentum, Max revisits the bass line and repurposes a section of the vocal sample in the buildup.
  • Chapter 9: Structuring the Center of the Track
    With our buildup and drop in a solid place, Max gets to work building out the track’s mid-section and starts carving out the next buildup.
  • Chapter 10: Building the Outro
    Now that the majority of the track has been programmed and structured accordingly, Max focuses on perfecting the track’s conclusion.
  • Chapter 11: Tightening Up the Drops
    Once he’s gotten the outro squared away, Max goes back into the arrangement to clean up the track’s main events.
  • Chapter 12: Mixing & Automation
    As we enter the home stretch of our studio session, Max goes back to the beginning and gets to work gluing things together.
  • Chapter 13: Drum Processing & Tweaking Transitions
    In the penultimate chapter of our course, Max goes back and makes some final adjustments to wrap things up.
  • Chapter 14: Course Recap
    As he says goodbye, Max sends you off with some parting words of wisdom and reviews what you’ve covered in your time together.