Misc.Inc: The Drum Kit [WAV Beatmaker Presets]

Misc.Inc: The Drum Kit [WAV Beatmaker Presets]

Created by lofi hip hop /house artist and beat composer Misc.Inc from his studio in Dresden, Germany.

The man behind the now legendary Bedroom Beats Trilogy on Capsun ProAudio, you can expect the next level of original, forward-thinking drum design and creation. This is a mammoth, hand-built, character driven drum kit of one-shots and loops.

Processed with real analogue saturation for the knock, the kit also contains re-sampled live and machine-based hits including thudding kicks, punchy snares, crunchy claps, and dusty hi-hats. Fully soaked in saturation while keeping things usable and diverse.

The loops included range from layered loops and lofi loops to trap loops and more. With bonus melodic loops in the classic Misc.Inc style, you get guitars, keys, pianos, synths, textures and 808s to complement the drums. The kit is extremely versatile and is perfect for Lofi HipHop, Trap, Rap, Dusty Electronica, and ChillHop


  • 185 one shots
  • 155 loops
  • 5 presets


Demo Preview: