Mixtank | The Sound Of… Seb Zito TUTORIAL + WAV Stems

By | April 7, 2022

Mixtank | The Sound Of... Seb Zito + WAV Stems

Mixtank | The Sound Of… Seb Zito TUTORIAL + WAV Stems

Seb Zito steps up for the latest instalment of our ‘The Sound Of…’ series with a 3+ hour dive into the production techniques that have the FUSE London resident release on labels like Cuttin’ Headz, Hot Creations, Do Not Sleep and Edible. The two-part masterclass features an entire ‘track-from-scratch’ session which sees Seb demonstrate the production techniques he uses to turn an initial idea into a finished track and share crucial advice on how to improve your workflow and avoid the common traps that can restrict your creativity.

Once you’ve watched the session, head to the Resources tab and try the techniques yourself by downloading the stems of the track Seb created and use them to write your own masterpiece.

In part two, Seb has answered the many requests he gets for a behind-the-scenes look at how he produced one of his most successful tracks – ‘Nut In Your Mouth’, released on Hot Creations. The walkthrough will show you the tools, techniques and ideas behind the project and give you some insight into what made this particular track stand out enough to grab the attention of Jamie Jones.

Key Topics Covered:

  • Learn the formula to make club-ready Minimal Tech-House for labels such as Hot Creations and FUSE London
  • How to develop your bassline into other melodic elements
  • How to avoid getting stuck “in the loop” with practical workflow tips to help you move forward quickly with your production ideas
  • Creative delay and FX techniques to keep your groove interesting
  • The secret behind creating a powerful drop
  • How to create new, original ideas without overcrowding your project


  • 1. The Idea
  • 2. Arranging Early
  • 3. The Intro
  • 4. Creating A Melody From The Bassline
  • 5. Adding More Elements
  • 6. Question & Answer
  • 7. Expanding The Melody
  • 8. Leading Into The Drop
  • 9. Adding A Vocal
  • 10. Final Details
  • 11. Mixing

Track Walkthrough:

  • 1. Seb Zito – Nut In Your Mouth [Hot Creations] Track Walkthrough


  • Ableton

File Size [4.40 GB]

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