Naim Hakim Fresh Produce Pack Vol.4 WAV

Naim Hakim Fresh Produce Pack Vol 4- RAFTYR WAV

Partica Artist Group makes their 4th return to Sounds. This time they are teaming up with RAFTYR, super zapped bass producer. He makes pounding beats that have been supported by some big names in the TRVP scene. RAFTYR has a unique approach to dubstep, womp-processing, and drum creation. Enjoy 808 one shots, kick, basses, foley and more. This pack features unique samples curated by Naim Hakim& Partica Artist Group. Sounds include subs, music loops, kicks, percs, FX, snares, claps, & vocal recordings. The main mission of Fresh Produce is to offer rising producers an opportunity to share the latest cutting edge sounds that will smash the venue & leave a trail of awe and inspiration in its wake.

31 Sounds

Brooklyn-Born Producer/DJ Naim Hakim is on the hunt for the perfect vibe. Trained as a Hip-Hop DJ & Electronic Producer, Naim smashes the scene with breaking beats and seductive synths. Fusing angular-bass music with a heavy Eastern flow, Naim Hakim’s Hybrid-Trap slaps from here to the deserts of Egypt. His years of production experience has helped create a Ninja-Master workflow and a vicious electronic arsenal.

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