Nasko N-COLOR for Snap Heap Rack

Nasko N-COLOR for Snap Heap Rack

N-COLOR FOR SNAP HEAP IS HERE This Snap heap rack isolates frequencies that belong to a scale by filtering out off-key frequencies that don


KEY[C-B]: Lets you select the key that N-COLOR will focus on. This includes all 12 different base notes. Use the KEYS Remap indicator to properly select your key!

[MAJ/MIN]: Switches between MAJOR and MINOR scaling!

COLOR: Introduces the dynamic notch filter system up until the center (0%). Anything above 0% will introduce the dynamic peak filter system up until 100%. -100% results in no spectral processing and N-COLOR will be effectively bypassed.

MIX: Let’s you mix in the effect as a whole.

(Some plugins need to be owned, others only need to be installed):

Need to own: Snap Heap (v2.0.14 or higher)
Needs to be installed: SLICE EQ, Kilohearts Essentials (30 Free Snapins)

Download link