NI Session Bassist Prime Bass KONTAKT

NI Session Bassist Prime Bass KONTAKT

PRIME BASS delivers the classic sound of one of the world’s most iconic electric basses, captured from an original 1981 cherry sunburst solid-body bass guitar, built in the USA. With an abundance of riffs, loops, and melodies composed and performed by professional session musicians, PRIME BASS offers everything you need to craft soulful fingerstyle grooves, plectrum-picked pop basslines, snappy funk-infused slaps, and everything in between.


The musical backbone of your favorite productions, the sound of the electric bass is one that defies time and genre. From the depths of the rowdiest rock pit to the heart of contemporary studios, it’s the force that makes you move, no matter your style. Journey back in time to explore the historic impact of this timeless instrument, and discover how you can carve its future with the intuitive performance features of PRIME BASS.


The instrument that redefined the world of bass. In contrast to its cumbersome upright counterpart, the portability and accuracy of the electric bass changed the game for session bassists everywhere. PRIME BASS offers the versatile character and playable nature of this staple build. Meticulously sampled to capture every nuance of performance, original single-coil pickups and a rosewood fingerboard lend authentic warmth, punch, and sustain to your compositions.


Dial in vintage-modeled tone control, and add transformer and tube saturation to harness the full character of this classic bass. Mix in up to two microphone signals and send your sound through an arsenal of two guitar amps, 13 cabinets, and two new KONTAKT bass amp additions – Bass Invader and Bass Pro. Explore a comprehensive collection of 19 stompboxes and modulation effects, with high-grade vintage compressors, studio EQ, reverb, and delay emulations to get you sounding release-ready. Build effects from the ground up, or be inspired by the extensive library of included presets.


PRIME BASS includes two dedicated instruments – one for patterns, and the other for combining pattern presets with your own melodies. Together they cover an entire range of playing styles, techniques, and articulations, offering total tactile expression from this iconic bass guitar.


With over 350 patterns arranged across 81 song presets, PRIME BASS covers a diverse range of styles and performance techniques. Quickly find the patterns you need with new genre tabs in the browser, and use MIDI drag and drop to adapt the pitches in your sequencer. Enhance the feel of the performance by shifting accents between downbeats and offbeats, and dial in swing and humanize to match the groove of PRIME BASS to your arrangement.


PRIME BASS offers a vast range of articulations to cover any playing style, including fingers, plectrum, slaps and pops, open and muted notes, chromatic dead notes, harmonics, and more. The engine ensures authentic transitions and repetitions by adding realistic hammer-ons, pull-offs, and fret noises automatically, and a wide range of slide intervals ensure smooth slide transitions between any two separate notes, for believable depth in your performance.

Instrument type: KOMPLETE Instrument

For use with: Free KONTAKT PLAYER version 6.7 and higher, or KONTAKT version 6.7 and higher.
Sound category: Four-string electric bass guitar
Number of sounds: 355 patterns, 81 songs


  • The essential low-end tone of an iconic, single-coil electric bass guitar
  • Over 350 playable patterns and phrases across a range of genres
  • Craft your own basslines and solo melodies