Noiiz – Filter Noise Generator VST AU

By | July 21, 2018

Noiiz - Filter Noise Generator VST AU

Noiiz – Filter Noise Generator VST AU
Size 339 Mb

The Noiiz Filter is a perfectly simple new filter plugin. With expertly designed analogue modelling DSP, a truly unique noise generator and a super fat overdrive circuit, this will become your go to sound sculpting filter.

There are 9 filter types to choose from, modelled closely on a classic synth analogue filter circuit. The result is smooth, musical, warm and fat. The resonance is sweet and when combined with the overdriven circuit, it distorts beautifully.

The noise generator is a highly creative and unique way to blend in a variety of noise sources to your music. It follows the shape of your sound and blends seamlessly in. Choose from a vast array of sources and create interesting effects like adding subtle vinyl crackle to drums or automating bicycle clicks over pads. You can even change the pitch for interesting riser effects.

Key Features…

9 analogue modelled filter circuits
Super analogue drive and resonance
Adaptive noise control
Large bank of noise samples
Noise pitch control

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