nu.wav MOPT Experiment Toolkit WAV

nu.wav MOPT Experiment Toolkit WAV

The MOPT Experiment Toolkit is a sample pack created by New York/London electronic duo MOPT. Consisting of loops, one-shots, and phrases, this sample pack enables quick and rewarding experimentation through the combination of diverse stylistic and textural styles and sources.

Working with analog synths, digital processing, and acoustic recordings, MOPT expands their vocabulary by exploring krautrock and latin grooves, modular IDM beats, avant-garde prepared pianos, impressionistic tape melodies, bizarre synths, and jazzy chord progressions. MOPT’s London studio gear plays a key part, with experimental synths by Soma Laboratory, Mutable Instruments, Instruo, or Makenoise, as well as tape machines by Revox giving a unique character to the sounds.

This sample pack is a treasure trove of samples for enthusiasts of new and experimental sounds that push into new aesthetic and expressive domains in music. With this sample pack, MOPT invites you to join them in their studio – wherever you might be.

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