OC & Verde Track from Scratch TUTORIAL

OC & Verde Track from Scratch TUTORIAL

DJ and production duo OC & Verde welcome you into their studio for an in-depth masterclass on creating massive melodic house music.

Jump straight into the mix with DJ and production duo OC & Verde, and witness them build out a massive melodic house track in the unique style that they’ve become known across the globe for. Packed full of unmissable insights into professional music production, this is a complete masterclass in making electronic music, delivered by a duo that are on top of their game.
OC & Verde burst onto the scene in 2016 with a unique sound that sent shockwaves through the electronic music industry. A symbiotic partnership who blend DJing skills with production craft, the duo are as comfortable crafting tracks in the studio as they are at getting crowds jumping in Ibiza. OC & Verde have been heavily supported by Pete Tong on Radio 1 since they started releasing tracks, and are regular fixtures in the Top 10 on Beatport.

This Track from Scratch course is just over three hours in total, and throughout the duration of the masterclass you can expect to discover production tips and techniques that will evolve your understanding of what it means to make great electronic music. Displaying a unique studio workflow that has been honed through years of hard work, OC & Verde demonstrate how to construct razor sharp beats and melodic grooves, craft a balanced mix with space and dimension, flip earworm vocal samples, and work with a bank of software and hardware tools.

OC & Verde conduct the course from their gear-filled studio, working on Apple’s flagship audio workstation Logic Pro. They’ll show you where to find the best loops and one-shots, and how to implement them in a mix and make them your own. You’ll learn how to turn an initial idea into a full arrangement, get a boat load of sound design tips along the way, and even get a glimpse at the mastering chain that they use on their official releases.

Overall, you’ll get eighteen chapters of fantastic content with this Track from Scratch course, and a tailored education in electronic music production that you won’t find anywhere else. If you want to learn from the best and make serious moves in your music production journey, then this is exactly the course for you!

DAW: Logic Pro
Total runtime: 3hrs 8mins

OC & Verde Track from Scratch

  • Chapter 1: Starting the Track
    OC & Verde discuss the origins of the track’s vocal sample, and set up a simple kick pattern using Maschine.
  • Chapter 2: Vocal Syncing and Bass
    After recording a bass line, adding some delay and sidechaining it to create a rolling effect, OC & Verde import the vocal and line it up.
  • Chapter 3: Kick and Clap
    OC & Verde sequence a kick and clap pattern with Maschine, and set up a separate EQ’d channel to hear how it will sound in the breakdown.
  • Chapter 4: Background Synths
    To create depth and dimension, OC & Verde add a barely audible sustained note in the background and an arpeggiated pluck mirroring the bass.
  • Chapter 5: Adding Percussion
    Building on the kick and clap pattern, OC & Verde create hi hat, shaker and snap patterns and process them to cut through the mix.
  • Chapter 6: Supporting Melody
    Recognising that the track needs some melodic interest, OC & Verde write a basic synth part that sits on top of the bass.
  • Chapter 7: Sub Bass
    Next, OC & Verde use the Moog Sub 37 to record a supporting bass part, and EQ the original to avoid frequency build up.
  • Chapter 8: Connecting Hardware
    The duo show you how to set up hardware synths in Logic Pro, using their Moog Sub 37 as an example.
  • Chapter 9: Moog Sub 37
    Continuing to tweak the Moog Sub 37 patch, OC & Verde lock in a sound and bounce out the MIDI clip into an audio file.
  • Chapter 10: Arranging
    With the core elements of the track in place, OC & Verde turn to the arrangement, creating a DJ intro and starting to add automation.
  • Chapter 11: Developing Percussion
    OC & Verde layer in some extra percussion loops and one-shots to develop the rhythmic energy of the track.
  • Chapter 12: Introducing the Vocal Sample
    After cutting the vocal clip into a 16-bar loop, OC & Verde decide where to introduce it in the track and adjust the arrangement.
  • Chapter 13: Adding FX
    The pair load up some FX presets on their soft synths, and record some transitional sounds to link the track sections.
  • Chapter 14: Mini Breakdown
    OC & Verde continue to manage the energy of the track, carving out space for a mini breakdown and adding FX like reversed reverb sweeps.
  • Chapter 15: Main Breakdown
    Next, OC & Verde turn their attention to the main breakdown, transitioning into it with pitch-automated cymbals and filtered synth chords.
  • Chapter 16: Lead Synth
    To prepare for the drop, OC & Verde tweak a lead synth patch and test out some ideas for a melody.
  • Chapter 17: Final Arrangement
    The track is nearing completion, and after adding a snare roll and delay effects the duo make some final arrangement decisions.
  • Chapter 18: Mastering
    OC & Verde discuss their mastering chain, demonstrating how it sounds on the track and taking you through their favourite plugins.

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