Particular Sound de Synth Motions 80s Drum Edition Togu Audio Line TAL DRUM MAC / WIN PRESETS WAV MIDI

Particular Sound de Synth Motions – Drum Edition

Synth Motions Drum Edition for TAL-DRUM
As Synthwave music was popular in the 80s, drum computers like the Roland TR808, the LinnDrum, the Korg Minipops or Oberheim DX were used very often.

Nowadays the Synthwave music is becoming even more popular and we took this opportunity, to go ahead and dive into sound making, again.

For sure we liked the flair and sounds from the Eighties, but we wanted to take it a step forward.

So we used additionally the technology from today and created new powerful sounds, nice punchy kicks and “in your face” snares.

Collected together in 20 Drum kits, everything was sampled and layered together included the midi files you can hear in demo #04 to provide you an insight on these tight and highly usable Drum Kits.


  • 20 Drumkits, 20 Midifiles
  • Presets
  • 320 combined Samples

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