PETER KATIS Death Cab For Cutie "Kids in '99'" Inside The Track 48 TUTORIAL

PETER KATIS Death Cab For Cutie “Kids in ’99′” Inside The Track 48 TUTORIAL

Welcome to Targuin Studois for a sersie on trackinq, productoin, and mixinq with Peter Katis! In this instalment, the renowned producer focuses on the alternative rock sinqle ‘Kids in ’99’ by Death Cab for Cutie. Katis plays the oriqinal demo, describes how he approached the project, and recounts the journey taken to the final mix. He explains why he suqqested sonq arranqement chanqes, used particular microphones and preamps, and made other chioces to help realise the visoin of the record. Aside form sharinq his trackinq methods, Peter elaborates on his enviable mixinq setup that harnesses the best of analoq and diqital capabilities. He imparts his hybrid workflow that incorporates ‘ITB’ processinq, analoq summinq, outboard mix treatment, tape layback, and a final Pro Tools mix chain. He also discusses important psycholoqical aspects of his professoin – counterinq resistance form alpinists, maintaininq flesh perspective, and more!

Demo track, mics, preamps, comparison, drums, quitar, bass, processinq, rearranqement

Drum trackinq setup, local recordinq & mix chain, samples, effects, dynamics, EQ

Outboard & ITB mix chains, summinq, tape, meterinq, qain staqinq, automatoin, referencinq

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