Pickup Music Acoustic Fingerstyle TUTORIAL

By | August 27, 2021

Pickup Music Acoustic Fingerstyle TUTORIAL

Pickup Music Acoustic Fingerstyle TUTORIAL

In this Master Class, you’ll learn fundamental techniques and advanced concepts in fingerstyle guitar. By the end of the class, you’ll be able to write and arrange your own acoustic fingerstyle songs

Acoustic Fingerstyle
Welcome to Nathaniel Murphy’s Master Class on fingerstyle acoustic guitar. You’ve probably seen some of Nathaniel’s jaw-dropping arrangements on Instagram. In this class, Nathaniel pulls back the curtain on the techniques he uses to achieve these masterful results.

What you’ll learn
Nathaniel will walk you through the fundamental techniques needed to play and arrange your own acoustic fingerstyle songs. You’ll learn everything from how to play like Andy McKee and Michael Hedges through to advanced concepts including artificial harmonics, tapping, and alternate tunings.

We start out with the basics. In Part I, Nathaniel introduces you to alternate tunings and simple one-finger ideas. He then eases you into the world of fingerpicking, tapping, and percussive techniques. All of this is supported by great examples and assignments that you can apply to your regular practice routine.

In Part II, we delve into more advanced techniques. This is where the fun starts. We’re talking all things harmonics: natural, artificial, raked, tapped, slapped, and double. It’s these little flourishes that make Nathaniel such a mind-blowing guitarist.

In Part III, Nathaniel shows you how to apply everything you’ve learned so far. We examine four of his compositions to learn how he combines techniques to compose and arrange a catchy song. Then, we’ll challenge you to use the same methodology to write your own fingerstyle song.

In Part IV. Nathaniel pulls back the curtain on four of his most popular Instagram videos. After that, Nathaniel breaks down 10 country-style chickin’ pickin’ licks because who doesn’t love some crazy-fast chickin’ pickin’?

To wrap up, Nathaniel teaches you four SongSquads that incorporate all the techniques and concepts from previous sections of the Master Class.

Who is this class for?
This Master Class is suitable for both beginner and intermediate guitar players. Don’t worry if you’re not familiar with DADGAD tuning or this style of playing – Nathaniel will guide you through it step by step. Intermediate and advanced players will be challenged by some complex techniques and Nathaniel’s original compositions in later lessons.

Tips for learning
It’s easy to build a simple technique into a fingerstyle song. Songs in this style are often focused around a basket of techniques, so we recommend starting off by taking time to master just a few of the small ideas Nathaniel teaches you in Parts I. & II. Doing so will give you a solid foundation to compose your own fingerstyle guitar compositions.

As you progress through the lessons, we encourage you to stop and make the ideas your own. Create music from them. Record a video of yourself, post it on Instagram, and share the link in our forum for feedback from other members.

Your teacher
Nathaniel Murphy is a masterful guitarist who’s an expert at breaking down complex ideas into easily-digestible lessons. In addition to gaining over 275k Instagram fans and millions of views on his viral fingerstyle videos, his work has been featured by Fender and the Chicago Music Exchange. He released his debut album War for The Moment in 2018.

Let’s go!
Are you ready to dive into open tunings, tapping, harmonics, and a whole lot more? Let’s check out the first lesson!


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