Pickup Music Advanced Fusion Guitar TUTORIAL

Pickup Music Advanced Fusion Guitar TUTORIAL

Take your playing to new heights. Join prodigious guitarist Manuel Gardner Fernandes as he guides you through the cutting edge of fusion guitar.

Advanced Fusion Guitar
Welcome to Advanced Fusion Guitar. In this class, you’ll learn percussive strumming, two-handed tapping, and genre-defying devices to help you write better songs and improve as a guitarist.

Raw & unprocessed.
This class was filmed up close and stripped down.

No effect pedals or post-production were used for the audio except for gentle compression and equalization. This Master Class is a unique, raw exploration of Manuel’s sound.

What you’ll learn
Learning how to play guitar fast doesn’t happen overnight. In Part I, Manuel sets you up with the mindset that will enable you to play guitar faster. Here’s how it works: every phrase, motif, run, or lick requires a different approach to mastery or articulation. By carefully examining the most efficient way to pick a phrase and what feels most comfortable to you, you’ll be able to play effortlessly fast.This section also includes lessons on three-note runs, picking-hand technique, traversing the fretboard, and two- & one-note-per-string phrases.

Percussive strumming is a key aspect of Manuel’s sound and was the most-requested topic for this Master Class. In Part II, Manuel breaks down this technique so you can learn it and adapt it to your own playing. You’ll learn muting technique, how to play fast triplets, and wrap up with some extended rhythmic patterns.

Tapping harmonics are more than just a party trick if you know how to use them tastefully. In Part III, Manuel breaks down the technique from the absolute basics to getting it up to speed. Then, in Part IV, we’ll get conceptual with diverse tone and sound tips, like lessons on vibrato, pickup configurations, post production, slides, and natural harmonics.

If you’re looking for some songs or quick licks to learn, we’ll wrap up the class with 10 advanced fusion licks and three mind-blowing SongSquads from Manuel.

What’s included:

  • 55 HD video lessons
  • Notation for all exercises
  • Three original songs
  • 2,500 word PDF handbook

Who is this class for?
This class is best suited for intermediate and advanced guitarists who are looking to become faster guitar players and learn key fusion-guitar techniques.

Tips for learning
To play fast, you have to start slow. Manuel spent years honing the techniques and concepts in this class. You should expect to do the same. Take it one step at a time, and build your favorite exercises into your daily practice routine.

Meet your instructor
Manuel has quickly established himself as a technical and brilliant new voice in the online guitar world. He’s an Ibanez artist and his progressive metal band, Unprocessed, has opened for Polyphia and other giants of the prog rock scene.

Ready to dive in?
Let’s get started with the first lesson!