Pickup Music Introduction To Classical Guitar TUTORIAL

By | August 28, 2021

Pickup Music Introduction To Classical Guitar TUTORIAL

Pickup Music Introduction To Classical Guitar TUTORIAL

Join award-winning classical guitarist and expert educator Evan Taucher as he walks you through the fundamentals of classical guitar.

Introduction to Classical Guitar
Introduction to Classical Guitar is your complete guide to a vastly underrated playing style.

What you’ll learn
Through Evan’s laser-focused approach to classical guitar, you’ll build the foundational skills needed to effortlessly navigate your fretboard and perform advanced songs with ease. We worked hard to structure this class so that you can focus on learning and improving, right away.

Before you start playing, it’s important to get set up for success. In Part I, Evan talks about the basic tools and ideas that go into classical guitar. You’ll learn about proper posture, nails, sound, and which guitar you need to get started. The good news is that you don’t need to run out and buy an expensive nylon-string guitar to take this class. The lessons can be played on electric and acoustic guitar.

In Part II, we’ll shine a spotlight on your plucking hand. After Evan gets you set up with proper positioning, you’ll learn arpeggio patterns, string crossing, and how to develop finger independence.

The biggest mistake beginner classical guitarists make is playing with too much tension in their hands. In Part III, we’ll shift focus to your fretting hand and resolve that issue. The lessons in this section will help you traverse the fretboard with ease and play with a light touch (valuable skills for guitarists in any style!) After a fun interlude lesson on Evan’s favorite chromatic warmup exercise, we’ll move on.

In Part IV, we’ll tie everything you learned together with lessons and exercises to help you coordinate your plucking and fretting hands. First, you’ll learn how to prepare your plucking-hand fingers for each note they’ll play with a series of exercises that get progressively more difficult. Then, Evan introduces legato string crossing and dynamics into the equation.

Finally, we’ll wrap up with four original SongSquads for you to learn along with a bonus lesson on a flamenco guitar technique called extensor rasgueado.

Who is this class for?
No matter what genre of music you most identify with, the techniques you’ll learn in this class will make you a better guitarist. Whether you’re a beginner classical player or seasoned electric guitarist, this Master Class is a versatile resource you can use to improve your technique and facility across all genres of music.

What’s included:

  • 40 HD video lessons
  • Notation for all exercises
  • Four original pieces to learn
  • 10,000 word PDF handbook
  • Taught by a world-class educator
  • Unlimited access to all lessons on pickupmusic.com
  • Tips for learning

This class won’t teach you how to conquer classical guitar in a few months. In fact, some of these concepts will take you years to really get the hang of. What this class will do, however, is provide you with an expertly-crafted and easily-navigable pathway to master fundamental classical guitar techniques at a collegiate level

The exercises in this class are designed to isolate individual aspects of your playing, and each lesson builds on the last one, so make sure you really get the hang of each concept before moving on. Start slow and build speed over time.

Your teacher
Evan Taucher is a masterful classical guitarist and expert educator. He has performed internationally in the US and Europe and studied with legends in the classical guitar community. Most recently, he was chosen as one of six in the world to perform and study with the prolific Cuban composer Leo Brouwer in Banff, Canada. He’s also been featured in Guitar Player Magazine, ClassicFM, and Tonebase.

Let’s go!
Ready to get started? Let’s dive in!


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