Plu2o Guitar Loop Kit WAV

By | October 24, 2021

Plu2o Guitar Loop Kit WAV

Plu2o Guitar Loop Kit WAV

In this “Plu2o” Guitar Loop Kit presents well balanced High-Quality Guitar Loops perfect for making any style Hip-Hop, Boombap & Trap type beats.

Our official guitar kit “Plu2o” hit the shelves of our Store! It contains 100 loops by affiliated producers, including clean and effect processed versions of loops, performed and recorded in the studio. Above all, they are mostly in place in Emo Rap, Melodic Trap, or Lo-Fi context. Because listeners of those genres usually expect to hear the guitar on a track. However, the use of these loops is not limited to those styles and can be extended to any kind of Hip-Hop beat.

The samples featured in the kit offer a great variety of sound, mood, and texture. For example, there are ringing chords, lyrical melodies, rhythmic riffs, and flowing shreds. Some loops on this kit have an otherworldly feel almost putting you into the shoes of a celestial body that lost its identity as a planet, especially with effects on. But others are pretty earthy and even joyous. Additionally, the effects that were used during production, diversify the sound of the samples even more: delays and phasers for meditation, overdrive and distortion for rocking out!

What’s inside:

  • 13 collections of loops;
  • Clean and Effect-processed versions;
  • Real electric guitar recorded in the studio;
  • 100 audio files in total;
  • High-quality 24-bit audio;
  • Tempo and key specified for each sample


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