PML Masterclass: Lo-Fi House Track from Start to Finish (with Misc.Inc)

PML Masterclass: Lo-Fi House Track from Start to Finish (with Misc.Inc)

Your tutor Misc.Inc, known for his Ambient & Chill Out tunes throughout the best Spotify playlists, shows you how to create a Lo-Fi House track from scratch.


Chillout & Lo-Fi producer Misc.Inc (700k+ on Spotify) starts with an empty Ableton project and shows you his whole process of creating your own retro samples for idea generation, writing chords & melodies and sample selection to designing sounds from scratch and arranging your ideas to a dynamic full length song. All Ableton only!

3h+ of lessons covering

  • Idea generation
  • Creating retro samples
  • Sound Design
  • Writing Chords & Melodies
  • Creative FX
  • Arrangement
  • Mixing
  • Mastering

Course Curriculum

  • Intro
    Welcome to the Class (0:56)
  • Project Overview
    Template, Structure & How to get Started (6:01)
  • Piano
    Writing Lo-Fi Chords & Creating Original Sample (15:22)
    Creating Final Sample & Lo-Fi Effect Settings (18:10)
  • Bass
    Writing Bass Notes & Bass Sound Design (17:43)
  • Drum Groove
    Programming Drums, Swing & Processing (18:17)
    Sample Selection & Spicing up your Beat (10:35)
  • Piano Top Melody
    Writing Melody, New Scale & Phrasing (13:26)
  • Additional Melodic FX
    Recording your Voice for Pads & FX (13:17)
  • Sound FX
    Vinyl FX & Risers (16:43)
  • Arrangement & Track Dynamics
    Song Structure, Automations & Final Arrangement (38:05)
  • Mixing
    Gain Staging, Stereo Spectrum & EQ (23:43)
  • Mastering
    Final Touches, Enhancements & Frequencies (6:32)

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