PML Masterclass: Melodic Techno with Jonas Saalbach

PML Masterclass: Melodic Techno with Jonas Saalbach

Jonas invited PML to his studio in Berlin Funkhaus to share an intimate look in his production process and the outboard gear he uses. He opens up EVERY midi, audio and effect setting walking through his track “Transformation”.

About this Masterclass
Jonas Saalbach is label owner (Radikon), producer, DJ and artist with every breath. His techniques are not always conventional, but the result is always stunning and makes people dance around the world.

Now you can learn Jonas techniques, check out his settings and overall workflow in Ableton – with tons of tricks & trivia on the electronic music scene.

3,5h of lessons covering
  • Idea generation
  • Where do I start?
  • Production process
  • Sound design
  • Analog & Digital
  • Effect Settings
  • Arrangement & Mixing
  • Exclusive: Mastering Session with Guy James – Engineer that mastered “Transformation” showing you how he mastered the track
  • 2 Bonus Jam Sessions

Bonus: Mastering

In the process of planning and filming Jonas Saalbach’s Masterclass we got to know Guy – Jonas’ mastering engineer. We decided to record a short walkthrough in the actual mastering file, to give everybody a wholistic picture of the complete production process. Guy walks you through all his EQ, compression, tape saturation settings – in the box and outboard gear and shares valuable tips on really hearing the music instead of only listening.

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