Fab Dupont Mixing David Crosby TUTORIAL

Fab Dupont Mixing David Crosby TUTORIAL

When Fab got the call to come record one of America’s musical legends he brought his sense of thoughtful and deliberate sonic shaping to the tracking sessions. He knew that this record was going to be special and wanted listeners to feel as if Croz was sitting in the room with them but with a magical sounding backdrop that surrounds him and sets the tone and space for each song on the record to deliver it’s emotional message.

To create such an intimate, rich and lush mix with such sparse arrangements is not as easy as it sounds. In this 2 hour long tutorial, Fab walks you through step-by-step how he took the raw, super clean, tracks from great sounding rough mixes to an incredible sounding record.

Learn how to:

  • Treat a lead vocal with both subtle and extreme sonic decisions
  • Create width and dimension to a single guitar using just one mic and a DI
  • Set up and manage an entire album’s sonic palette using templates and referencing
  • Use plugins and gear for the perfect amount of color without over saturating the sound
  • Interface with analog reverbs to create an unique and vintage tone but also easily switch to plugins as needed
  • Remove the walls from a vocal sound without defaulting drastic EQ
  • Process stacks on stacks of vocal harmonies and backgrounds in a way that supports and enhances Croz’s lead vocal in a special way
  • Automate and refine a mix so that every moment is something special
  • Watch how the entire mix comes together and then download the raw stems to practice mixing it for yourself