RARE Percussion Global Strings Ruan & Liuqin WAV

RARE Percussion Global Strings Ruan & Liuqin WAV

“Global Strings”, from Rare Percussion, showcases textures and sounds from around the world: traditional instruments playing contemporary progressions, world music textures that fit on the radio. These hi-fidelity samples were recorded in Adam Tressler’s LA studio with his collection of 60+ stringed instruments. Global Strings 3 features two inspiring instruments. The Fretless Guitar, though used in certain world music styles, remains an under-utilized sound in contemporary western music.

The interesting muted tones work great with guitar effects, with the added ability to play quarter-tones and more exotic melodic flourishes. Also in this pack, The Japanese Sanshin is a fretless 3-stringed instrument in the lute family. The braided nylon strings add a rough texture, and the small banjo-like body is great for percussive slaps and textures. Smaller and more melodic than the Shamisen, this instrument originated on the Japanese island Okinawa.

From Lil Nas X to Kacey Musgraves to Camila Cabello, Adam’s versatility onstage and in the studio keeps him busy. A platinum-selling songwriter(Demi Lovato) that’s recorded with RedOne, Andrew Dawson, Chris Lake, and Tony Hoffer, Adam has toured with Selena Gomez and LP, and currently plays with acclaimed songwriter Aimee Mann. Working on major motion pictures (“Birds of Prey”) and TV shows (“Lovecraft Country” & “Modern Family”) he’s built a reputation as a creative force in the studio.

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