“Rear View Mirror” Guitar Sample Pack by SPLASHGVNG WAV

By | October 22, 2021

“Rear View Mirror” Guitar Sample Pack by SPLASHGVNG WAV

“Rear View Mirror” Guitar Sample Pack by SPLASHGVNG WAV

In this “Rear View Mirror” Guitar Sample Pack SPLASHGNVG presents 50 high-quality samples perfect for making Lil Peep, Fish Narc and Smokeasac type beats.
With his first pack , Splashgvng, a master guitar player, a slayer of moods, presents his first guitar sample pack. Featuring heavy riffs to laid back tunes, this guitar pack is nothing but sheer quality. Recorded with the highest quality hardware and amps, this kit can inject a silky smooth instrumental tone into all your beats. With 50 samples to choose from, your one your way to making guitar beats such as Lil Peep, Fish Narc, Smokeasac and more. This kit is even perfect for guitar trap beats similar to the likes of Wheezy and Southside.

What’s Inside:

  • 50 High-Quality Samples;
  • 100% Royalty Free;
  • Recorded with high-quality guitars and amps;
  • Perfect for Trap and Emo Beats;
  • Vibrant, rich textures;
  • Real, raw guitar riffs and melodies

SPLASHGVNG has been honing his guitar playing skills for years and now we wanted to bring his talent to the masses. Another amazing year for music and another amazing guitar sample pack follows suit. This kit is huge at 50, fully fledged samples to choose from. This kit is perfect for those looking to produce some of those sickly sweet tracks you love to vibe to in solitude.


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