reFX Nexus 3 Expansion: Hollywood Percussion Loops 1+2

By | November 13, 2021

reFX Nexus 3 Expansion: Hollywood Percussion Loops 1+2

reFX Nexus 3 Expansion: Hollywood Percussion Loops 1+2

Help us celebrate another milestone in Nexus-Hollywood history!

This gigantic pack comes with more 3,000 (yes, that’s correct: three-thousand!) real, live-recorded cinematic percussion loops and turns every key on your keyboard into a unique loop that you can combine in real time. All loops fit perfectly together and are designed to match your song’s time signature and bpm.

Manuel Schleis and Alex Butcher spent more than one year crafting and capturing this huge arsenal of orchestral, acoustic and rare drum recordings with the best recording gear available.

The Hollywood Percussion Loops expansion delivers magic and cinematic power that will bring all of your music to life!


Cue the dramatic, timpani drum roll:

Hollywood Percussion Loops 2 is here!

Explore thousands of drum loops recorded live with the best recording gear available to capture the most pristine audio imaginable. Recording mastermind and professional drummer Alex Butcher spent nearly a year collecting, recording, and editing concert drums, ethnic African and Japanese drums, medieval drums, self-made instruments, large metal objects, and even small household objects.

The result is a veritable sound stage of almost every conceivable percussive sound you could ever need for a cinematic score, movie trailer, or even contemporary club hit.

Have the sounds of Hollywood at your fingertips for your next artistic creation!


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