Renraku Aether Atmospheric Electronica WAV

Renraku Aether Atmospheric Electronica WAV

With a focus on late night, after-hours chill out sounds and driving, melodic elements; AETHER conjures up sounds and styles perfect for unwinding after a long night out.

Heavy emphasis on texture and atmospheric elements are the main focus of AETHER.

Whether your goal is to create something memorable for the mainstage or something meant for deep and introspective vibing, the elements in AETHER can get you moving in the right direction.

Focusing on genres like house, techno, downtempo, and ambient music, the sounds in AETHER have been painstakingly crafted to quickly and easily get you started with a brand new song idea, complement a current production, or inspire a whole new vibe for your sound.


  • 68 one shots
  • 118 loops


Demo Preview: