Rhythm Paints Sabar Drum Language: Laye Ndiaye WAV

Rhythm Paints Sabar Drum Language: Laye Ndiaye WAV

Sabar Drum Language brings you the raw, intense, and ancient drumming of Sabar from Senegal and The Gambia. Peformed by Laye Ndiaye, who has been playing Sabar since his youth in Senegal and it has been a long standing tradtion in his family for generations and He taught us some Sabar classes. He performs an Mbalax, similar to the djembe except played with a hand and stick and a Thiol, a thin goblet drum also played with one hand and one stick. These different rhythms found in this pack all stem from various songs played in Layes tradition dating back hundreds of years. Majority of proceeds go directly to Laye and his family. Be on the look for more from Rhythm Paints!

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Rhythm Paints is the culmination of in person sampling of musicians in 10+ countries, 6 continents, and 2 years of traveling. This label brings sounds from various cultures directly to your productions. Royalties go back directly to these musicians sampled in a variety of cultures and countries. In this label you will find a variety of sounds and samples from raw Vocals to percussion, Harp or kora to guitar and piano, Fulani flute to New Orleans Brass. All performed and recorded by real people in real time.

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