Roady Sample Pack Volume 2 WAV

Roady Sample Pack Volume 2 (Compositions & Stems) WAV

We present the Roady Sample Pack Volume 2. The second edition of this sample pack features the beloved analog synthesizer, the Crumar Roady, just like volume one. We have made some improvements this time around. Volume 2 was recorded at 96khz (Vol. 1 was recorded at 44.1khz), which was vital in capturing the detail and warmth of the Roady. The second installment of the series also features more analog processing, with 1073 style equalization and preamplification (Heritage Audio HA-73EQ), and LA2A style compression (Warm Audio WA2A) added into the outboard rack this time around.

If you enjoyed the deep, rich, nostalgic soulfulness of Volume One, then you will find that arrangements in Volume Two have taken these vibes a step further. Volume Two focuses more on the vibraphone sounds of the Roady. These are probably the most versatile sounds of the Roady, being that they can cut through a mix like a real vibraphone, or even sit behind the other instruments like a Wurlitzer. These ten new arrangements deliver layers of analog thickness that will bring true soul into your next production.