Roland DJ Pierre’s Phuture Collection TB-303 TR-707 TR-727

Roland DJ Pierre’s Phuture Collection [TB-303, TR-707, TR-727]

Transform your sound with this exclusive collection of patches and patterns from musician, producer, and acid house pioneer DJ Pierre. Expertly fusing the classic squelch of the TB-303 with the dynamic rhythms of the TR-707 and TR-727, this visionary music maker fully flexes his genre-defining skills to help inspire some high-octane bangers of your own.

Squelch and serendipity

Forces collided in the mid-’80s, bringing together a Japanese synth manufacturer and driven artists from Chicago in the United States to birth an entire cultural movement. At the core of this movement was a passionately creative group of musicians and three now-legendary musical instruments.

Designing the Phuture

Along with Earl “Spanky” Smith Jr. and Herbert “Herb J” Jackson, DJ Pierre formed the groundbreaking group Phuture in 1986. When they picked up a secondhand Roland TB-303, DJ Pierre’s inspired knob-twisting altered the frequency and resonance of the bass patterns to invent a sound that would impact music forever. He went on to become a quintessential dance music producer with decades of cutting-edge house productions to his credit, and the master creator shows no signs of slowing down.



With an unmistakable sonic signature brimming with warmth, energy, and character, the Roland TB-303 Bass Line defined the acid house movement of the late 1980s. Widely misunderstood when launched in 1981, the true revolution began several years later when electronic music producers rediscovered the quirky box and unleashed the hypnotic, liquid sound that captivated a generation.


In 1985, Roland released the now-famous TR-707 Rhythm Composer. Taking its rightful place next to other classic Roland drum machines, this previously underrated instrument has appeared on hit tracks in a long list of genres, including synth pop, acid house, industrial, electro, indie, alternative, and more.


Right alongside the TR-707 in 1985, Roland released the TR-727 Rhythm Composer and its palette full of energetic Latin percussion. Lesser known but no less loved, the TR-727 has found its way into a wide range of styles over the decades, from tribal and acid house to pop and techno. And it’s perfect for Afrobeat, reggaeton, and other more exotic contemporary styles.

Learn to use DJ Pierre’s Phuture Collection, patches and patterns for the TB-303, TR-707, and TR-727… designed by the artist who invented acid.


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