SampleTraxx Doom

SampleTraxx Doom [MULTIFORMAT]

DOOM is a modern sound effects collection of designed impacts, complex stingers, one shot tones and dark percussive elements with a dirty cinematic sonic signature.

Featuring a full spectrum of original Impacts and Hits, DOOM is the second soundpack after RAPTUS in our “Extreme Cinematic Series” aimed to bring cutting edge dramatic sound design.

Designed by Alessandro Romeo lead sound designer and founder of SampleTraxx, DOOM is the perfect tool for anything requiring tension building and dark percussive sound design.

Structured in 9 categories ranging from simple elements to complex design the sounds contained in the pack are ready to use in your productions.


  • Cinematic Impacts
  • Cinematic Matter
  • Designed Layers
  • Doom extra
  • Emotional Impacts
  • Kick Distortion (Hard & Soft Distortion)
  • Low Key Elements
  • Trailer Beast
  • Weird Matter

For sound designers, sound editors and soundtrack composers.

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Demo Preview: