Shadowstore Twizznb Sound-Kit [WAV MIDI]

Shadowstore Twizznb Sound-Kit [WAV MIDI]

New TWIZZNB SOUND-KIT out now with @prod.chrxme. This kit comes complete with over 100 drum sounds, loops, AND midis to elevate your production to the next level. “Twizznb” is a sub-genre originally created by Chrxme and quickly adapted by Shadow, after perfecting the style, they decided it was time to share this with other producers. Enjoy!

(sounds for yeat, lunchbox, pluggnb, twizznb and more)(multipurpose)

This kit includes:

  • 30 808s
  • 20 loops
  • 20 midis
  • 20 open hats
  • 12 hats
  • 12 claps
  • 10 snares
  • 10 rims
  • 10 percs
  • 2 kicks

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