Shocking Instruments For Serum [WAV MIDI FXP]

By | April 23, 2022

 Shocking Instruments For Serum [WAV MIDI FXP]

 Shocking Instruments For Serum [WAV MIDI FXP]

‘Shocking Instruments For Serum’ is a unique collection of hybrid sounds. we have sampled real instruments such as Saxophone, Trumpet, Piano, Guitar, Guitar Bass, Kalimba, or Cello and turned them into presets for the Serum VST.

This soundset will help you to master sound design by providing a full range of presets designed with a lot precision, mixing organic instruments and the power of Serum processing. Combining Serum Wavetable feature with realistic samples, Weused it to deliver comprehensive presets as you can hear in the demo. Bring life to your beats and try these sounds!

Product Details:

  •  58 Serum VST Presets
  •  16 Lead Sounds
  •  13 Synth Sounds
  •  8 Bass Sounds
  •  7 Pluck Sounds
  •  3 Pad Sounds
  •  7 Piano Sounds
  •  3 Guitar Sounds
  •  1 Voice Sound
  •  1 FX Sound
  •  57 MIDI Loops
  •  4 Macro Controls Assigned
  •  ModWheel Assigned
  •  39 Custom Wavetables
  •  100% Royalty-Free


  • This soundset requires Xfer Records Serum v.1.346 or higher

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Demo Preview:

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