Slap House Production [TUTORIAL]

By | January 5, 2023

Slap House Production

Slap House Production [TUTORIAL]

Welcome to Slap House Production course by Dan Larsson.

  •  Genre: Bass House, EDM, Brazilian Bass
  •  Type: How To Make, Sound Design
  •  Difficulty: Beginner, Intermediate
  •  Rating: ★★★★★
  •  Total Videos: 9
  •  Total Length: 01:01:17

♦ Video 1 – Drums

In this video Dan Larsson puts down the basics of a slap house song: The drums.

♦ Video 2 – Bass

Every slap house song must have a punchy, very characteristic bass instrument and in this video Dan teaches you the fundamentals of these sounds.

♦ Video 3 – Siren

Background noises are important for a full mix. In this video Dan makes a nice siren sound in Serum.

♦ Video 4 – Chords

Making organic pads and keys are a little hard in Serum but Dan tries to make one for this nice slap house groove.

♦ Video 5 – Leads & Plucks

Every song must have a lead sound so let’s make one and a pluck to make this groove full.

♦ Video 6 – Vocals

Slap house songs always need nice airy vocals so in this video Dan teaches you how to process them to fit the style nicely.

♦ Video 7 – Chorus Lead

Another lead under the chorus.

♦ Video 8 – Mastering

The last step is mastering to make the song sound loud and in the face. In this video Dan makes a basic mastering.

Included Bonus Content Ableton template.

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