Smart Skills for Piano Beginners TUTORIAL

By | May 4, 2022

Smart Skills for Piano Beginners TUTORIAL

Smart Skills for Piano Beginners TUTORIAL

Learn piano from motor, cognitive and auditive skills and build your learning autonomy

Learn the piano and keyboard from cumulative skills that contribute for your independence. The key goal is generously providing you smart effective tools for your active learning. With such tools you will be capable to acquire more information and learn to perform the songs you wish saving your time.

The skills featured are: melody, accompaniment, accompanied melody, music reading, piano technique and musical perception and creation. These abilities make learning faster and help learning the songs you wish. You will learn to play piano and music elements, not only to reproduce tunes.

What you’ll learn

  • Piano Initiation
  • Melody
  • Accompaniment
  • Music reading
  • Piano technique
  • Musical perception and creation


  • Have a piano or keyboard
  • No previous knowledge needed

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